Friday, July 11, 2014

Mandela's Conversion

The APs were excited to tell us this morning about an investigator they have who is from The Ivory Coast.  I remembered them asking for a copy of the Book of Mormon in French for him several months ago.  He speaks pretty good English, but it is easier for him to understand scriptures if they are in French.

They were excited, because of what happened when they met with him last night to give him a lesson on the Word of Wisdom.  Mandela didn't know their plans, but as soon as they arrived, he said, "Before we get started, I have a few questions for you.  If I'm going to be a member of this church, I want to find out if there are any changes I need to make in my life.  Is there a certain way I should dress?  Are there things I shouldn't be watching on TV?  Are there health restrictions I should know about?"  :o)

The Elders told him about the Word of Wisdom and he went immediately to his cupboard and emptied it of all his teas and coffee.  He put everything in a bag and handed it to the APs.  The Elders were all smiles when they told us that the stuff was still in the back of their truck outside.

I asked if he had set a date for baptism, and the Elders said he had - August 2nd.  I was thinking that August was a long way off, but then it hit me - we're in mid-July already!!!

There was more to the story.  As I mentioned, French is Mandela's first language.  It just so happened, that when Mandela came to church at the Irmo Ward, there was a returned missionary there.  He was in the area for just four Sundays.  He was in the area working for Living Scriptures.  And...he had gone to France on his mission and spoke fluently!  He helped the Elders teach Mandela, and Mandela LOVED him!  He has since been transferred with Living Scriptures up to Spartanburg, but will come back to Irmo to help teach Mandela and to baptize him on August 2nd.  Is all this coincidence?  I think not!

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