Saturday, July 5, 2014

Columbia Stake Center - Former Baptist Church

Elder Muir told me a couple of weeks ago that the Stake Center in Columbia (on Jackson Blvd.) is a former Baptist church.  He said, "It's the biggest church I've ever seen!"  I've been wanting to see it since he told me, so we drove over when we were in that area yesterday.  It IS very big!  I couldn't get it all in this picture without going across the street - then the trees were in the way.  It has a low level on each end, two peaked sections with pillars and the "sanctuary" or chapel is in the middle. Around back, there is a portico that cars can drive under so that "men can drop their wives off at the door when it rains and they won't get wet,"  according to Elder Muir.  I'd love to see the inside, but it was locked when we were there yesterday.  Maybe we'll stop in some Sunday when we go out to the Fort.

Beautiful building, I think!

Pretty sure that the marquee is a remnant from the Baptist church,  

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