Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blessings of being an office missionary...

We get to interact with the young missionaries on a daily basis. I get to talk with them every day when they call for media orders or new name tags, or when they have problems with their mail.  Jack gets to deal with their money card and phone problems.  :o)  The young missionaries are always SO GRATEFUL for our help!  They ALWAYS ask if there is anything THEY can do for us!  They continually inspire us with their hard work, obedience and dedication!  They are simply amazing young people!

We get to feed missionaries every Sunday at our apartment.  Twice a month, we drive over to Chapin and take the Elders, then the Sisters to dinner.  It is so fun to get to know these young ones a little better and feel the strength of their spirits.  We never feed them a meal but what they share a Gospel message with us and leave us with a blessing upon our home. The Lord's church will be in good hands for many years to come - of that I have no doubt!

Here's a picture of the four Sisters who came to dinner today.  Sister Borgholthaus has been in West Columbia for 3 transfers.  Sister Daniels is here for the first time. Sister Derrick has been here for 2 and Sister Clark is brand new to the mission (but you'd never know it!)  These four live just through the woods from us - with Sister Barlow.  Imagine living with four young Sister Missionaries!  Sister Barlow is so perfect for that and she LOVES her Sisters!
Such beautiful, beautiful Sisters!  Beautiful inside and out!  I love them!!!

Elder Gonzalez, Elder Seager, Elder Arnoldsen and Elder Townsend

It was our night to feed the Chapin Elders (right).  The Newberry Elders (left) had picked them up for the Presiden't Tour in West Columbia, so we had them all come to our apartment for dinner after the meeting. What fun it was to have them there!   LOVE these Elders!!!

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