Friday, July 25, 2014

Another AP Miracle

The two Assistants to the President were at home last night, planning for the up-coming week.  Around 9:30, Elder Willie got a phone call.  While he was on the phone, Elder Muir heard knocking on the door of their apartment.  He actually thought it was at the apartment next door because  "Nobody ever knocks on our door!"  He didn't respond, but a few minutes later, he heard more knocking, so he looked out the peep hole.  He called to his companion, "Elder Willie!  There is someone at our door!"  When they opened it up, a woman, whom they had seen earlier in the parking lot, walking her dog, was just heading down the stairs. They called to her and she came back.  She said, "I saw you earlier in the parking lot and I knew you were representatives of the Lord and I needed to talk to you."  She said she had taken her dog inside and then gone hunting for the Elders' apartment.  She found it because they had a picture of Jesus on their door.  :o)

She told them that she had had a meeting with missionaries about five years ago when they knocked on her door during a Bible Study.  She had invited them in that night and the group had a lot of questions for them, but nothing ever came of it.  She said that when she saw them in the parking lot last night, she knew she needed to talk with them again. She asked them to pray with her and in her prayer, among other things, she said that they were not to waste the Lord's time.  If people weren't sincere about wanting to learn about the Gospel, the missionaries should "shake the dust off their feet" and leave them.  The two Elders were stunned that she would say something like that.

I asked how she could have come up with something like that.  It's in the Bible, (Matt. 10:14, Mark 6:11, Luke 9:5) but not a lot of people talk about it.  Apparently she is very well versed in the Bible. Elder Willie said, "I don't know if she realizes what a serious thing that is - to shake the dust off your feet."

Anyway, they ended up teaching the Restoration Lesson right there on the doorstep and she invited them to come and teach her at her apartment on Sunday.

They feel like it was another very real miracle.  The Lord is preparing His children for His Gospel.  I know this is true!

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