Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Email from an MTC "Investigator"

At the MTC in Provo, the missionaries are given the opportunity to teach "investigators."  When we were there, they told us that some are not members of our church and some are.  We never knew which were which.  They all seemed pretty authentic to us.

In our mission email this morning, we got a letter from a man who was an investigator when three of our new Sisters were training at the MTC.  He said he was so impressed with all three of them - with their knowledge and humility and sincerity.

He said, "Sister C. could move mountains.  Sister G. made me think.  And Sister G. was soft spoken, just like my wife."  He called the three of them "angels from heaven."

He wrote because he wanted their president to know the caliber of missionaries he was getting, and he asked us to pass his email along to the three Sisters also.

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  1. As a mom to a missionary serving in the SCCM, I wanted to thank you for your inspirational stories, thoughts and details. Your blog fills in the gaps and keeps me going between email from Elder Hugh =)