Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Two Dog Night

The APs went to Myrtle Beach last week for exchanges.  The Elders were invited to spend the night at the Albrechts' home, but they had to dog-sit while they were there over night because the Albrechts were away. That meant having to sleep with the Albrechts' two Shih tzus.  Sister Albrecht told them that Chloe, the female would have no problem, but Wilson, the male, might start groaning during the night.  Wilson has separation anxieties.  :o)  She said if he started groaning, it meant that he just needed some cuddling.  Haha!  Elder Willie must have drawn the short straw, because he got to sleep with Wilson, and he did NOT get a good night's sleep!

The Elders have a picture of themselves with the dogs.  I'll see if they'll send it to me.

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