Friday, July 18, 2014

Dancing With the Stars conversion...

We have a cute new mission nurse.  She will take over when Sister Boyack leaves in December, but for now, Sister Romano and Sister Boyack will split the 280+ missionaries in the SCCM.

At Senior Specialized Training last Tuesday, we had introductions.  There are so many new senior here now, and everyone is new to President and Sister Turner.

Sister Rosemarie Romano introduced herself and told us her conversion story.

She was at a neighbor's house and Dancing with the Stars happened to be on TV.  It was the season when Marie Osmond was on the show.  Her neighbor was going on and on about how immodestly Marie was dressed.  Sister Romano didn't see anything wrong with the way she was dressed, but her neighbor thought she was way out of line.  She told her that Marie belonged to the same church she did, and had been through the temple and she wasn't dressed appropriately.  Sister Romano asked her, "What church do you belong to?"  She answered, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

The next day at work, she Googled the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and found out there was a building just a few blocks from where she worked in Manhattan.  She called the number for the church, and actually found someone there.  They asked her if she would like to come and check it out - so she did.  They gave her a schedule and invited her to services the next Sunday.  She lived in Brooklyn, and it never occurred to her that there was a church close to where she lived.  She made her way to Manhattan Sunday morning (as I recall, there was a storm or some kind of difficulty in getting there, but she made it).  It was Fast and Testimony Meeting (the 1st Sunday of the month). She loved the meeting, and found herself going up to the pulpit and telling everyone that she really liked what she saw and felt while she was in attendance.  :o)  She expressed an interest in becoming a member, and was then taught by the missionaries and subsequently baptized.

When Sister Romano finished her story, Sister Turner said, "So what you're telling us is Marie Osmond's dressing immodestly is responsible for your joining the church?"  :o)

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