Sunday, December 29, 2013

To the Atlanta Airport to Pick up Lisa

After breakfast, we cleaned up, had a little nap and left for the Atlanta Airport to pick up Lisa from a 3:30 PM flight.  3 hrs and 10 minutes!  That's a lot of sitting!

I texted her to see what she was wearing, so we could spot her at the terminal.  She said, "Look for my striped beanie."

Sharon gave her a Christmas Eve beanie to open when the rest of her own kids opened their Christmas pjs.
  I love how she wore her Irmo Okra Strut t-shirt on the flight out to SC.  :o)

The day before she flew out, Lisa drove to Bountiful
 and picked us up a couple of  raisin filled cookies at Parson's Bakery.  Mmmmm!

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