Monday, December 16, 2013

Don't rain on our parade!

The Stake President up in Conway decided that the missionaries assigned to his area should be in the City's Christmas Parade December 14th.  The Elders would ride bikes and the Sisters would walk along the side of the road giving out Pass-Along-Cards.  It was a rainy morning as the missionaries met in the staging area. They were getting wet and the rain wasn't letting up.  The Stake President said he thought they should call off their participation.  One of the young sister missionaries, Sister Anderson, told him, "Don't call it off!  I've just sent out a text to my whole district and we are all going to pray for the rain to stop."  Within just a few minutes, the clouds parted, the sun came out and the parade began.

The Stake President reported to President Holm that yesterday, their chapel was full - there were more people in attendance than ever before.

I love these Miracle Moments!

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