Sunday, December 29, 2013


Thursday at noon, we took off for Charleston!  On the way out of the apartment complex, we had to stop and drop off our garbage.  Jack had to show Lisa how the compactor works.  :o)

Battery Park

One of the beautiful mansions along the waterfront

Still love the ivy on the fronts of the steps!

We drove around Charleston - got out and walked through Battery Park and along the waterfront.  Then we went and ate at the Charleston Crab House.  After dinner, we drove over the Ravanel Bridge to Mt. Pleasant.  What a beautiful city!  We stayed over night there and went back to Charleston after breakfast.

We visited Magnolia Plantation where the Drayton family still lives, just outside of Charleston.

We also visited four cabins that were homes to some of the Drayton's slaves.  Stark contrast!  Many of those who were enslaved at one time are very good friends of the Drayton family, and still work for them.

We also visited the Market, where I bought a bouquet of...

...woven sweet grass roses.  
It was fun to watch the many shop owners sit and weave beautiful baskets and flowers.

On the way home from Charleston, we stopped for dinner in Ridgeway, SC.  Lisa had found a 5 Star restaurant in Summerville called Duke's BBQ.  We had already passed that, but she said there was another one in Ridgeway.  I knew they were NOT the same Duke's when we pulled up in front and the sign said, "Open Friday and Saturday 5 PM till 9 PM."  Inside was another sign that said they had absolutely nothing to do with the Duke's BBQ in Summerville, or any other Duke's BBQ."  Inside was a cafeteria-style buffet of everything southern!  Pulled pork, fried chicken, hush puppies, corn fritters etc.  "All you can eat for $8.99" On each table was a roll of paper towel and a pitcher of iced tea.  The diner had tables, booths and picnic tables and the place was about packed by the time we left.  I wish I had gotten a pic of one of the customers - straight out of Duck Dynasty!  The grandpa!  He had stepped outside for a cigarette and we talked to him on our way back to the car.  He said pretty much the whole town turns out to dinner on Friday or Saturday nights.  And he invited us to stop back anytime.  :o)

Jack, at Duke's

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