Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve Eve

This post is out of order, but...

Our family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve Eve.  This year was no exception!  Everyone met at Bryan and Becky's church for dinner, Santa, gift exchange and games.  Everyone was there but us, Danny and Dalena and their kids, the two missionaries, Justin and Tyler, and Alexis - who was off getting engaged to Matt Jackson!

We got to FaceTime the party while we opened our Christmas gifts from the family.  They sent us a bunch of goodies (which we re-gifted, because we don't need all that sugar, folks!) and two aprons that say Elder and Sister on the front.  They also gave us a Walmart gift card to help pay for Sunday evening dinners we feed to the Elders and Sisters.  :o)  The missionaries thank you!  We thank you!!!  We LOVE you all!!!!!

LOVE the Elder/Sister aprons our family gave us for Christmas!!!

LOVE this beautiful family!!!  Just LOVE 'em!!!  Every one of them!!!

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