Saturday, December 14, 2013

I get by with a little help from my friends!

Without help from the APs and the Sister Training Leaders - and a few drop-in Elders and Sisters, I simply would be able to handle the amount of mail that comes into the office at Christmastime!  As soon as the truck pulls up, my helpers appear!  They help unload the truck, log in the boxes and packages, alphabetize the cards and letters, then black out the postal marks.  All I have to do is make labels and the mail is turned around and sent throughout the state to the almost 250 missionaries.

Everyone is so willing!  It really is heart warming!  I love working in the office!

Once the mail was labeled, these Elders formed a chain and loaded it into the mission van to take to the post office.
 I'm sure that made Rose happy!  And I was happy to have the office cleared out a bit!  :o)
Thanks Elder Fenton, Elder Arrington, and... 

Elders Stadel and Hatch!

There was a Spanish Speaking missionary conference on Wednesday...

President got another chain going.  The Elders inside passed each box outside.
The President announced the name on the box and...

The Elders outside divided it into zones.  Elders from all points in the mission were at the conference,
so they PERSONALLY delivered the mail that day!  :o)

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