Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dinner with the Sowells

We got to meet up with Tanya and Will again, on the Saturday night before Christmas.  We went to Hu Hot and had a nice visit over dinner.  I had ordered six light-bulb ornaments from Tanya with the mission logo, SCCM, printed on them.  Tanya surprised us with six ornaments for OUR tree!  They're all small, bulbs and wooden ornaments, so they look wonderful on our little mission tree.

We gave ornaments to the Fentons and Sister Barlow, and President and Sister Holm and will send the other two to the Deckers and the Mihlbergers (couples we worked with who have returned home).  President Holm said, "Sister Holm LOVES our penguin ornament!"  I KNEW she would!  Tanya does great work!!!

Tanya found this mission emblem on-line and made it into an ornament.  I love it!
Along with the rest of her ornaments, it will always hang on our Christmas Tree,
to remind us of our time here in South Carolina.  :o)

One of the ornaments I ordered from Tanya...

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