Sunday, December 29, 2013


Craziest day EVER at the office - the Monday before Christmas!  The place was already stacked with boxes and packages because we hadn't sent anything out since Zone Conferences on the 19th.  The east wall was stacked with gifts!  The west wall was stacked with gifts!  Then the mail arrived!  We probably got another 100 gifts and over 200 cards and letters!  We were up to our necks in Christmas!!!  Elder and Sister Fenton helped sort and alphabetize, and so did Jack and I.  We bundled all the mail, along with the stacks of boxes and packages, into areas for delivery on Christmas Eve.  The Fentons would go northwest to Greenville and Spartanberg;  we would go Northeast to Florence, Sumter and Marion; the President would go to Charleston; and the APs and Sisters would cover Columbia and West Columbia.  Ho!  Ho!  Ho!
The office reminded me of that TV show, "Hoarders!"
Barely a trail from the front door through the reception area!  CRAZY!!!

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