Friday, December 6, 2013

New Apartment

Sister Barlow and I got to go with Sister Fenton to check out a possible apartment for some missionaries. It's above the garage of a member's home.  It's very nice!  The kitchen still needs a little work and the wood floors need to be polished and a rug added - but it looks good!  These people live on a SEVEN acre lot!  I know some grand-kids who would think they'd died and gone to heaven if they got to live in a place like this!

The apartment

Land by apartment

Barnyard by apartment with Rhode Island Reds and a couple of noisy goats!

This is Rosey - one of the SWEETEST dogs I've ever met!!!
She'll be a neighbor to the missionaries when they move in.  :o)

Robby's Roadside Vegetable Stand
They're closed for the season, but are offering free mustard greens - "you pick"

I'd like to come back here next summer!

One of the Chapin's main streets.  
There's some serious shopping here for a little town.
We only stopped at one store - Material Things.  Lots of beautiful stuff, but I didn't buy a thing - as usual.

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