Sunday, October 20, 2013

Two Chapin Branch Elders...GONE!

There were three young Elders assigned to the Branch we attend.  Two of them are now gone.  Elder Gale, after having waited for his visa for 6 weeks, is finally in Brazil.  Elder Phillips has returned home.  His 24 months of service has ended.  Elder Nisson is still with us, but he has a new companion - Elder Speck.  We are taking Elders Nisson and Speck to dinner this Thursday.  They actually live in Chapin - and since it is a good 20 minutes away, we decided to drive over there and take them out to eat.  Otherwise, we'd use 2/3 of our allotted dinner hour in travel.  :o)  I will post a pic of Elder Nisson and Elder Speck later this week.

Elder Gale's in Brazil now.  Elder Phillips has returned home.
 Elder Nisson is still in the Chapin Branch, but with a new companion.

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