Friday, October 18, 2013


We had a delivery come in a few days ago.  I didn't know what to do with it at the time, so I stuck it in the closet with all the copies of the Book of Mormon in foreign languages - where I had found the Pohnpeian books.  Then I forgot about them!  Today, Elder Mihlberger discovered them and asked who left them in there, sitting on the floor of the closet.  I told him it was I who left them.  I said, "I had no idea, even what language they're written in, so I left them there till someone could tell me what to do with them.  He showed me that inside the back cover of the book, it tells which language they're written in.  He said, "Tag a log."  I corrected him..."Tagalog!  That's spoken in the Philippines, where my grandson is serving!"  I knew how to pronounce Tagalog!  I was pretty proud of myself for finally knowing something that Elder Mihlberger doesn't know.  He knows "almost" everything!!!  (Feeling smug.)  Hahaha

I got the label maker, that's just like the one I use all the time at home, and made labels for each book and stacked them on a shelf in the closet.  Done!  Now we just need to order up 8 copies of the B of M in Pohnpeian, to replace the eight I gave to two missionaries last week.  :o)  Apparently, South Carolina is quite a melting pot.

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