Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Selfless Missionary Mother

One of our Elders lost his grandpa this weekend.  His mom called the office last week, wondering if it would be possible for her son to call and talk to his grandpa one last time before he passed away.  This is the part that really touched me:  She said that she would give up one of her phone calls for him to call his grandpa.  The young missionaries are only allowed to call home on Christmas and Mothers' Day.  I thought that was such a sweet and selfless thing for her to do.  She also said that she would respect whatever decision President Holm made.  She didn't want to disrupt her son's focus.  I have no idea what decision was made, but I know her son is a great missionary and his grandpa would be proud of him.


  1. I have a bad taste with regards to the church on this matter. So, all i will say is how sad it is that the church would be thought of as so heartless as to deny a phone call to a dieing grandpa. However I understand where she is coming from completely, and why she would offer it.

  2. What an awesome, selfless mom! I love that she said she would respect the president's decision. Amazing faith!