Sunday, October 27, 2013

Irmo/Dutch Fork/Chapin Trunk or Treat

Saturday night we went to the Trunk or Treat at the church.  That afternoon, we drove over to Irmo to the Episcopal Church where they were selling pumpkins.  The pumpkins were raised in New Mexico on a Reservation.  2/3 of the proceeds  of the pumpkin sales is going back to the Reservation.  A man we talked to said that this is the 20th year of the pumpkin sale.  Jack picked out a HUGE pumpkin and all the gourds he needed to make his annual Pumpkin Man...then it was off to the church.

There were a zillion kids, it seemed!  All were dressed in their Halloween costumes and carried bags and buckets to hold their treats.  We had brought one bag of mini chocolate bars at Sam's to pass out, because Primary in the Chapin Branch only has about 10 kids.  Well, the Irmo Ward and the Dutch Fork Ward have plenty!  I'll bet there were close to 200 kids there!  We ran out of chocolate and had to dig into one of the jars of Laffy Taffy we had bought for the office.

Jack carefully chose one of the biggest
pumpkins for his annual Pumpin Man.

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