Sunday, October 13, 2013

Big Doin's Going on This Week!

Things have been busy at the office this past week!  We are getting ready for transfers, which will take place on Wednesday.  Five of our visa-waiters are leaving the mission on Tuesday, to go to Argentina and Brazil.  And 25 new missionaries are coming to South Carolina tomorrow.  They leave the Provo MTC at 2:30 in the morning-probably flying Jet Blue.  We will be getting four of them at our apartment so they can take a little nap before their interviews with the President begin.  They'll be back here around 9:30 to sleep, have meetings  all day Tuesday, then come back here to sleep Tuesday night.   Wednesday they have orientation (where the office staff  tells them what's what about finances, mail, cars, housing, etc.) then they meet their trainers and they're OFF to serve!

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