Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sister Jacob's farewell talk...

Today Krista Jacobs entered the Provo MTC.  She will train for two weeks and then travel to her mission in Anaheim, CA.  She will be a great missionary!!!

In her talk Sunday, she told of an experience of being guided by the Spirit.  She said she had talked a lot aobut going on a mission her senior year of high school.  She just graduated from Chapin High in June.  She wanted to hand-write and deliver notes to some of her teachers before she left on her mission.  Three of them were her favorites, and they liked her and she knew they'd be interested in knowing where she was called to serve.  She wrote out the three notes, but then she thought of another teacher, Mrs. White, who was a good teacher, but not one of her favorites.  In fact, she wasn't sure if Mrs. White even liked her! But, she felt impressed to write her a note.

It was Krista's intent to go to the school and hand-deliver the notes to the teachers on a Monday.     When she got to the school, she found out that she couldn't just go in a visit the teachers in their classrooms.  She had to register at the office 24 hours in advance of her visit.  So, she registered and planned to come back Tuesday.  As she was leaving the school, she thought of another teacher that she really liked - one that she hadn't thought of initially.  Before her visit back to the school the next day, she had time to write him, Mr. Sullivan, a note also.

On Tuesday, she delivered the first three notes to her favorite teachers and they were all glad to see her and wished her well.  Some of them had questions for her, like what she would be doing, how long she'd be gone and so forth.  When she went to visit Mrs. White, she found out that she had not been doing well.  She found out over Summer break that she has cancer, so she's been battling that. She was grateful for Krista's visit and her note.

When she first went to Mr. Sullivan's room, he wasn't there.  Someone told her that he had lunchroom duty, so she went to the lunchroom, hoping to find him there, but she didn't.  On her way out of the school, she thought she'd stop by his classroom once more and she found him there.  He too was glad to see her.  He said, "Now, what's the name of your church?"  She started to tell him that she belonged to the Church of Jesus Christ..." but he finished her sentence for her.  "Of Latter-day Saints?"  She told him yes, that was her church.  She said that his face really brightened up as he said that.  He told her, "I've been thinking a lot about that church lately and I want to know more about it." He said that it was neither the time nor place to talk with her about it right then, but that he'd like to talk with her about her church.

Krista was convinced that she was prompted by the Spirit to contact Mrs. White and Mr. Sullivan. They hadn't been in her initial plans, but she was glad that she took the time to write them notes and visit with them both.

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