Monday, October 13, 2014

More scooter-pootin' took us to Cypress Garden in Monck's Corner

Since we only have a few short months left in the mission, we're trying to get out and about and see some of the things we've never seen before!  I had wondered for a long time what a town named Good Creek looked like.  I've also wanted to see Monck's Corner since they used to give us such a hard time with forwarding our mail.  And Summerville - we wanted to make a stop at "Perfectly Franks," another place that was featured on Guy Fieri's Drive Ins, Diners and Dives.

Once we arrived in the area, we shot out a text to the local missionaries to see what they recommended.  They told us they hadn't done a lot of sight seeing - which is always a good sign - but they had heard of a couple of plantations and a park, and some of them mentioned Cypress Gardens. That was a winner!

The cost to enter the park was just right with a senior and a military discount!  Once inside the park, we could have taken a paddle boat out at no charge, but we opted for a guided tour which was $5 each.  It was so worth it!  Our guide, Mark, was very knowledgeable and very friendly and accommodating!  He had us out on the "swamp-lake" for 45 minutes.

 Out on the dock waiting for the guided boat tour

 Cypress knees everywhere!

 Great boat ride through the swamp/lake!

 I'd like to be here in Spring with lilies in full bloom!

 A bridge that was in the movie, The Notebook

 Bald Cypress Trees has needles but they change color in the fall and drop over the winter!

What a beautiful scene!

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