Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our first DDM (District Development Meeting)

We in the office usually don't go to DDMs because we're busy doing office stuff, but Jack and I went last week.  Probably the main reason was that Elder Weston said he was going to make and decorate a cake and bring it.  I wondered if the smaller meeting would be kind of casual, but it wasn't.  The missionaries take their assignments very seriously and conducted themselves and the meeting extremely well.  The one thing I like about DDMs is that the missionaries discuss individual investigators.  They talk about problems they are having and write their names on the white board and ask all of us to pray, specifically for them.  They LOVE their investigators!

Here's Elder Weston and his cake.  I had a little bite of Jack's and it was delicious!
He said he learned a little about piping before he came out and he was excited to show off his talents.  FYI, there is SCCM and a smiley face on the top and piped rosettes around the border.

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