Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Go directly to the source! Ask God for direction in your life.

Missionaries and converts have lots of stories about how God has answered the prayers of those who are seeking His guidance in their lives.  The Irmo Sisters were just telling us last week about a young girl they found and started to teach.  At the end of the first lesson, they asked her to pray and ask God if what they had just taught her was true.  The Sisters said she started to cry.  She told them, "I didn't tell you this, but just a couple of days ago I was praying and asking God to give me direction in my life...and then you came."  She felt as if the Sisters were a direct answer to her to her prayer.

Sister Mary Roberts, who, along with her husband Larry, was baptized last Spring, said that they had moved to Chapin from Texas.  They had always attended Christian church in Texas, but hadn't been able to find just the right church when they got to South Carolina.  She said, "We were pleading with God to let us know which church to go to...to give us direction in our lives."   Soon after, a couple of Elders knocked on the door while Mary was home, ill.  She talked to them through the door.  They left her a pass-along card and she set it on the table and went back to bed.  Later, she had the impression that she needed to call the number on the card, which she did.  The first time she called, she got an answering machine, but she left her name and number and prayed again, "If this is the direction we need to go, please God, let them call back."  Someone did call back and Mary was taught by the Sister Missionaries at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  Soon, they felt like she was ready to receive the Chapin Elders into her home.  I remember the day that I got the referral for Larry and Mary at the office.  I was excited, because it was for the Elders in the Chapin Branch, where we've been assigned to attend church.

The point of these two stories is this...If you are seeking guidance in your life, go to God.  He knows exactly what you need at any point in your life.  He is your Father.  He loves you!  You may be perfectly happy with your life as it is right now.  You may or may not attend church. You may have a close and loving relationship with God and don't think you need more, but God may have something more in mind for you.  Ask Him if you should visit with the missionaries.  Ask Him if you should read the Book of Mormon.  He will let you know!  Things could be better that you even thought possible!

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