Monday, October 27, 2014

Cracker Barrel with the Dutch Fork Elders

We took the Dutch Fork Elders to Cracker Barrel for breakfast a while back, but dang!  We forgot to get a picture!  So....we had to take them again.  We were afraid one of them, or some of them would get transferred this month, but nope!  They're all staying.  :o)

Breakfast with (l-r) Elder Bateman, Elder Lund, Elder Sprunt and Elder Bowles.  There is an older lady at Cracker Barrel who is a server there.  Twice she has stopped and talked to the Elders.  She told us that she sees them at the library on Mondays when they are emailing their families.  She assured us that they are all "good boys."  That's always nice to hear!

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