Monday, June 16, 2014

"You will only attend a non-denominational church for the next two weeks!" What???

When the Assistants to the President (the APs) came for dinner yesterday, they had some disturbing news. The First Sergeant in one of the platoons at Fort Jackson put out an order restricting his soldiers from attending our church services.  He told them that for the next two weeks, they were only allowed to attend non-denomination services.  What?  Elder Brenchly (a military relations missionary and retired military man) called the 1st Sergeant to task.  What he is doing is clearly unconstitutional!  Elder Brenchly said he would report him to the head of Chaplains on the Fort, but the 1st Sergeant said he would not withdraw his order. He said that the head of Chaplains had no authority over him, and until he heard from a higher authority, he would not withdraw his order.

Jack is confident that the order will be withdrawn and he said that the 1st Sergeant will probably be disciplined.  What a weird situation!  Unheard of!!!

The APs were really upset because they had been teaching some of the soldiers who weren't able to attend. Some of these soldiers ship out soon and won't be able to be baptized before they leave unless the order is lifted.

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