Monday, June 16, 2014

President and Sister Holm are leaving the Irmo Sisters with a lot of work! :o)

It sounds like the Holms were the first mission President couple who got out in their neighborhood and met the people who live there.  It started with their morning walks.  I don’t know if they did other neighboring, but I do know that in February, when everything closed down because of the snow and ice storms that Sister Holm cooked up batches of chili and stew and soup and invited the neighborhood to come over to visit.  They had a lot of people come over and many of them had questions about the church. 

With their departure coming right up, President and Sister Holm again invited the neighborhood to stop in to say goodbye.  They had an open house last week and now nine couples have asked for missionaries to come and teach them.  That is going to keep the Irmo Sisters busy for a while!

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