Saturday, June 7, 2014

No More Strangers - West Columbia

Elder Aguilar bore his testimony.  He's a fairly new member of the church, but chose to come out and serve a mission, nonetheless.

Marcurious - Was a Baptist, then a member of a non-denominational church.  He had lots of questions and there was always this "tugging."  He ignored it for years.  In college, he had a roommate who was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He thought his roommate was just the kind of person that God intended him to be.  He asked if he could go to church with his roommate.  Then he talked to the sister missionaries.  They taught him, and asked him to pray and ask if what they taught was true.  He did, and he was baptized.

Sister Poss. - I never hesitate when I am asked to bear my testimony.  The hand of God was there in my joining the church.  When I was young, my spiritual needs were fulfilled by my family.  When I got older, I looked for a church to join that did the most to help the community.  I joined the Episcopal Church, and then the Presbyterian Church.  When I moved to the South, I joined the Baptist Church.  You know those times you hear of the missionaries just knocking on "one more door" before they quit for the day?  I was that door.  I don't know why I let them it.  Normally, I wouldn't.  They taught me and gave me homework in preparation for the next meeting.  I read as much as I could so that I'd be prepared.  Then Elder Lash called and said he couldn't be there - he was being transferred.  I told him, "This is a sign that I should be a Baptist!"  No!  No!  No!" Elder Lash told me.  Elder Brimhall and Elder Cardin came to the appointment and brought 2 members of the Dutch Fork Ward with them.  I had been to religion classes before, but I couldn't believe that two missionaries would come to my home to teach just me!  I read prayerfully.  Sometimes tears just streamed down my face.  I read the Bible along with the Book of Mormon and checked out the references.  I could feel the Holy Spirit.  I thank God for picking me up and putting me in this church.

Sister Holm - Until you pray and ask God if it's true...until you do that, you will not know that these things are true.

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