Saturday, June 7, 2014


I just wanted to share a couple of things that have happened to me since we've been out on our mission.

Last Sunday, when we were at Fort Jackson, we went outside to check out the portable baptismal font. Nate and Haley were with us, and they'd never been there to see it.  I was walking out in front of my family, Nate, Haley, and Jack, when I tripped on a rise in the sidewalk!  But instead of falling flat on my face, I was propelled - and literally went running - past a tree, where I reached out to catch my balance, but did nothing more than scrape my arm.  The momentum kept me going till I ran sideways, through a flower bed and hit the building - finally coming to a stop.  There is absolutely NO WAY I could have made it through all that with nothing but a little scrape on my arm from the tree.  When I got back onto the sidewalk, I looked back and Nate and Haley.  "Did that look funny?" I asked them.  They answered, "Yeah, sort of."

By then, the three of us were laughing.  Jack, on the other hand, said he was "scared to death!"  He had tried to run after me, but I was too fast.  :o)  I had come to rest against the building by the time he got to me.  He said, "I haven't seen you move that fast for a long time!"

I still laugh, every time I think of it. I never was scared.  I'd have to describe it as being surprised!  Surprised that I was able to run out my loss of balance until I finally came to rest.  We calculated that I had run 15-20 feet!  I KNOW that I had help - unseen help.  I felt it, and I know it in my heart.  Many prayers of thanks went up after that little event!

A few days later, I asked the APs and the Larsens if they had seen my spectacular stumble.  None of them had.  Whew!

 A few weeks ago, we had just walked out of Texas Roadhouse and were walking to our car.  We were parked on the far left side of the entry. I was looking across the parking lot at our vehicle  I was NOT aware of the cement parking curb that was about 6-8 inches tall at the end of the sidewalk  Just as I got to the curb, I was prompted to look down.  Had I not looked, I would have fallen flat on my face!  There would have been no recovery from that tripping!

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