Saturday, June 7, 2014

Transfers - Things I Learned from the Young Missionaries!

I always love transfers!  Perhaps my favorite part is hearing from the missionaries who have completed their service and are going back home.  They have grown and changed so much on their missions!

Elder Stadel - Jesus Christ is my best friend.  He will always be my best friend.  I will always be a missionary.  I love having the ability to love.  My heart has been opened.

Elder Houghton - We met one lady who was so excited to hear about the Book of Mormon!  She loved finding out that there is more of God's word.  As we walked away from her home, I can remember thinking to myself, "Why doesn't EVERYONE act like that lady?"  And the Spirit said to me, "Why don't YOU act like that?"

Elder Lee - This has been the only time in my life that I knew I was exactly where I should be.  Drop your pride and follow the Lord.  If your vision for yourself is anything different than President Holm's vision for you, then you're wrong.

Elder Lamb - Duty before desire

Elder Butters I have a simple testimony.  Im thankful for my trials.  The Book of Mormon has meant more to me as a missionary!

Elder Hutchinson - HOPE Hold On Problems End

Elder Welty - President talked me out of going home.  Peace is a gift from God that comes from doing His will His way.

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