Monday, June 16, 2014

"I've never seen a soldier in tears!"

Elder Muir was telling us yesterday about a soldier he talked to at Fort Jackson that morning.  The soldier was not a member of the church, but had gone up to the front of the chapel to get a Priesthood blessing after Sacrament Meeting.  Elder Muir thought he looked pretty distraught, so he went over and talked to him afterward  He invited him to come and sit and talk.  The soldier told Elder Muir that he was having some family problems.  Elder Muir taught him about the restoration, and he said, "When I was telling him about the first vision, he just started to cry!  I've never seen a soldier in tears before!"  Right on the spot, the soldier said, "I know this is true and I want to be baptized!"  The Holy Spirit is hard at work at Fort Jackson!!!

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