Saturday, June 7, 2014

May Harvester 2014 Miracle Moment

Here's the Miracle Moment we put in May's Harvester.  This just happened on June 2nd, and by Thursday, there was an update.  :o)

Elder Muir and Elder Willie were excited to get out and work from 6 pm till 9 pm on a Monday night. Just as they were ready to leave, they got a phone call. The Orangeburg Elders had locked their keys in their apartment and they couldn’t get in to change from p-day clothes into working clothes. The APs decided to help. They got the apartment keys from Sister Larsen and were ready to head to Orangeburg, but were prompted to go visit someone in their own area first. They called the locked-out Elders and suggested that they go out in their p-day clothes and visit with some less-actives in their ward while they waited.

Elders Muir and Willie went to visit a contact they’d been working with for quite a while. They watched the Restoration DVD in French with him, because he is from the Ivory Coast. He understood everything and accepted their offer of baptism. He is on-date for June 28th

When the Elders finished in Irmo, they drove to Orangeburg and unlocked the apartment. Before they left to drive back, they needed to get fuel. There was a gas station coming up on their right and they started to pull into it when Elder Willie said, “That’s a pretty iffy gas station, maybe we should look for another one.” The windows were barred and the building was closed, but they decided to stay. Elder Willie had almost finished pumping gas when they saw a woman walking toward them. She was dressed in scrubs and was barefoot. She was carrying her personal belongings and a hospital basin with toiletries in it. She told them that she had been in a car accident a few days earlier. She had been unconscious and on a ventilator for three days and had just been released from the hospital. She asked the Elders if she could use their phone to call someone for a ride. She had been walking for 1.5 miles. Her hands and feet were swollen and she looked like she was going to faint. The Elders let her use their phone, but she couldn’t reach anyone who could come and get her. She had two young children at home, whom her mother was tending, but she was without a vehicle. The APs called the O-burg Elders and asked them to find a member who could come with them to take the woman home. While they were waiting, the Elders sat her in a chair in front of the gas station and gave her a blessing. They gave her some Chap-stick, because her lips were cracked and bleeding. They talked to her about the Gospel and,“She seemed so ready to hear it,” said Elder Muir. When the member and the Orangeburg Elders came to pick her up, she noticed a Book of Mormon on the seat of the member’s car. She asked if she could have a copy. The missionaries were happy to give her one. She has agreed to see the local missionaries and receive the lessons.

 The APs said, “We’re so happy the way things worked out that night. We really don’t think that woman would have made it.”
On Thursday, the APs stopped at the office with some news about this woman they helped at the gas station. She's being taught by the Orangeburg Elders and is on-date to be baptized on June 21st.  :o)


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