Saturday, December 27, 2014

Oops! Missed a baptism on November 29th!

Tim's wife, Kathy, was baptized on November 29th.  She was originally going for December 13th, but she was afraid one or both of the Elders who had taught her would be transferred on the 10th. So... she moved her date up a bit.  She is an amazing and beautiful new member!  Some of these people come into the church and I'd swear they have been life-long members!  We have been so very blessed in the Branch this year!  Eight new members, including two couples and one whose wife was already a member.  Strong, strong people!  They are going to be a definite asset to the Branch!

Elder Weston, Kathy, 7-year-old Spencer, Tim (who was baptized a few weeks before Kathy) and Elder Arnoldsen.
 What a happy, happy day for this family!  Kathy has just blossomed since she decided to be baptized.
She is truly a part of the branch and will be such an asset!

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