Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What NOT to pack in a missionary care package

A package came to the office for one of our Elders on a Friday.  We put his current address on it and set it in the pile of mail to go out on Monday.  Monday, however, we noticed that it's contents were leaking inside the box and out.  We took it to the back of the office and opened it up.  It STUNK so bad!!!  A sweet, 82-year-old grandma had packed up two plastic containers with her missionary grandson's favorite for his birthday.  Two batches of lasagna with a note that said, "I'm all cooked - just warm me up in the micro-wave and enjoy."  We tossed the lasagna and the box in the trash outside.  Couldn't wait to get it out of the office!  We managed to salvage some candy and other sealed-up treats.  I gave the missionary a call to let him know what had happened.  He just laughed and said, "My grandma is so old!"  But she did know that he loved her lasagna - and it was his birthday, after all!

Moldy lasagna!  It wasn't the mold that smelled bad though - it was the rotten tomato sauce.  Yuck!!!

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