Monday, December 8, 2014

He jumped the gun!

Jack was recording baptisms on Thursday, December 4th and came across one that had been submitted last week, but had the baptismal date as December 6th - two days AFTER he received the papers from the missionaries.  He called the District Leaders to find out why the date was wrong. They told him that the newly baptized member had originally planned to get baptized on the 6th, but he was at a baptism on the 30th of November for someone else and he had had all the missionary discussions, had passed his interview and had come to church twice...and hey!  The font was filled and ready to go, so he just decided to go ahead and get baptized on November 30th.  The Sisters who taught him had just forgotten to change the date on his papers.  :o)

While Jack was talking to the District Leaders, he also asked how the new member had been found. We keep a record of that too.  Was it a member referral?  A self referral from  Did they find him by knocking doors, or what?  The DLs said that the Sisters were walking down the street and saw the guy talking to a minister.  He was asking all kinds of questions, so the Sisters just kind of hung around till the minister walked away - then they moved in.  :o)  They introduced themselves and told the man they would be happy to answer any of his questions.  I guess he liked their answers, because he scheduled an appointment with them, was taught and decided to be baptized.

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