Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Object lesson at DDM

We love to go to DDM when ever we get the chance!  District Development Meetings are wonderful! The missionaries talk about their investigators and get suggestions from one another on how to help the investigators progress.  We are invited to pray for investigators to help them overcome obstacles to their being baptized.  There are always a couple of trainings, which are very well presented.  The Chapin sisters also had an object lesson at the end of this particular DDM.  Each companionship was supposed to plan and then work together to flip over a hand towel while standing on it.  Neither companion could touch the floor while the towel was being flipped.  It was pretty hilarious!

The Dutch Fork Elders (Elder Lund and Elder Sprunt) came pretty close to accomplishing the feat!  (Elder Daynes is looking on from across the room.)  When everyone had tried and failed, the Chapin Sisters took their turn and showed us all how to get the job done.  Planning and cooperation and working the plan = SUCCESS!

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