Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cola pit stop on the way to a cruise...

Lisa and some friends booked a cruise out of Charleston months ago.  She picked that one specifically so she could come back to visit us in SC.  :o)  The kids got in on Saturday morning morning and spent most of the day in Charleston, then they drove up to West Columbia.  We took them to dinner at Farm Boys' BBQ and then they stayed overnight with us.  After a quick breakfast Sunday morning, we all went to church at the Fort.  We caught Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society at the Chapin Branch then came home to finish up dinner.

It was our turn to feed our wonderful APs that Sunday and we also invited Sister Ta'ala, since she wasn't feeding missionaries that day.  Dinner was good!  We had Cafe Rio Pulled Pork, beans and rice, as I recall.  It was fun having Lisa and her friends with us a couple of nights!  They went on to have a memorable cruise in the Bahamas.  How fun!

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