Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day Two

On our second day at the office, there was only one other senior couple there-just the four of us, most of the day.  I WAS in charge of the phones and the mail and the media orders and all those front office assignments.  It was kind of scary.  When I think that the Deckers will be going home this week, and the Mihlbergers go home in two months - Jack and I will be the most experienced senior missionaries in the office!  Sister Barlow, from Corvallis OR, came just three days after we did, and the Fentons, from East Milcreek, UT have been here for 4 months, but were just assigned to the office.  We are all new - and we will be in charge!  Yikes!  We will have help, though.  The APs will be there.  They are young missionaries, who have been called as Assistants to the President.  Most of them know more about the computer systems that any of us seniors.  And they know a lot about office procedures, so they'll be a big help to us, I'm sure.

There were a lot more phone calls that second day!  Sister missionaries who had lost their car keys had found them.  Elders who had just had the oil changed in their car, needed the PIN number for the credit card so they could pay for the service.  A mom, whose daughter is coming to the mission in a few weeks, had a question about putting church music on an iPod Shuffle for her.  She wanted her daughter to have access to music, but she was concerned about complying with mission rules.  I thought that was cool!

My favorite phone call came from a Sister at the Institute (like a Seminary for college students).  She said a young man had wandered into the building looking for the family history services.  He also wanted some literature about the church, because he was interested in knowing what we believe.  The Sister asked him if he would like two representatives to come to his home and bring the literature and answer questions.  He said he would.  So...she called the mission office (me) to find missionaries who were in the man's area. Sister Decker knew from the zip code, which zone he lived in, so I called the zone leader and gave him the man's name and address.  The missionaries could have showed up at his home that very afternoon.  How cool is that?

Jack worked with Sister Decker again, on finances.  Hope he's got it all down, because she'll only be here 2 more days!  He's had a lot of experience with finance though - so I'm not worried about him at all!

When we finished at the office, we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  We had enough ribs and steak left for two more meals!  As we left Texas Roadhouse, a man called to us, "Can y'all tell me something about The Plan of Salvation?"  Jack smiled and said, "We probably can't tell you anything you don't already know." The man and his family were members, and welcomed us to South Carolina.

We also got to FaceTime with Ann, Haley and Spencer Friday night.  We loved that! Love to keep in touch with the family!!!

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