Monday, September 30, 2013

A Dream

President Holm was in this afternoon and gathered all the staff in his office for a meeting.  Before we adjourned, he told us about an experience a couple of elders shared with him last week.  Around 8:30 at night, the two elders were finished with their appointments, and decided to knock some doors till it was time to go home.  They got to the end of the street and discussed which way they should go next.  The junior companion said he thought they should go left, so they started walking that way.  Then the senior companion said, "No...let's go right."  So, the two turned around and started to walk the other way.  They had walked a short distance, when the junior companion said, "I feel very strongly that we should go left."  So after some discussion, they turned back and walked toward a house.  Inside that house, a middle aged man had been on the internet, chatting with his daughter.  He had told her about a dream he'd had the night before.  He said, "I dreamed that two Mormon missionaries would be coming to my door today."  As he said that, he glanced out his window and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh!  They're coming right now!  Oh, they've turned around.  They're walking the other way."  Then he told her, "Wait!  They're coming back!"  He discontinued his chat and went to answer the door.  He welcomed the two missionaries into his home, and asked them to explain to him how they are led by the Spirit to know what to do.  The elders talked to him for a few minutes, and then set up a teaching appointment for tonight.  It will be interesting to see what happens.  President Holm said he hears stories like that every week.  I hope we'll hear more of them!

I guess the Mihlbergers had a miracle happen to them while they were out apartment hunting last week.  They shared it with the President, but Elder Mihlberger said the rest of us would have to wait to read it.  He's writing it up.  I hope  he hurries.  I'm anxious to hear!


  1. What an awesome experience. Its amazing how the holy ghost works.

  2. We asked President Holm before he left whatever happened to this guy. He said that he's met with the missionaries several times and he knows that he should be baptized. He has a testimony that the church is truly Jesus' church restored fully in these latter days, BUT his wife does not have those same feelings. She is very much opposed to him getting baptized. So far, his wife is winning.