Sunday, September 22, 2013

1st Weekend in Columbia...

Highlights of the weekend were talking to Lisa for 20 minutes, shopping at the Commissary and PX at Fort Jackson, Cold Stone Creamery (which is right next door - we'll see how that goes!!!), church, and dinner with President and Sister Holm.

We have been assigned to the Chapin Branch, and it is small!  There were only 8 women in Relief Society, but the lesson was very good!  I was asked to play the piano and give the opening prayer.  Yeah - I'm thinking they'll put us right to work.  People here are very friendly!  We enjoyed our meetings very much.  It was awesome to see the young Elders take over the Gospel Essentials Sunday School class.  These kids are so young - yet they've been prepared all their lives to serve.

At 5 PM we went, along with 3 other couples, and Sister Barlow, to President and Sister Holm's home for dinner.  We visited, and introduced ourselves and got to know the Holms a little better.  They are gracious, and amazing people.  They only have 10 more months left in the mission.  Mission Presidents are called for a period of three years.  Now we are home, and waiting to Skype Alexis and London before we got to bed. It's been a busy weekend, but we are ready to go for it - our first full week at the office!

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  1. Kathy, I remember when we first started attending our ward in North Carolina. We had to travel about 45 minutes each way. The ward was very small, the bench seats at the branch were not padded like ours...they were bare wood. As members began arriving for sacrament mtg. I noticed how humble they were, but all with big smiles on their faces and blessed to be there. As I glanced down the row we were sitting, I noticed the family sitting next to us. Their children had no made me pause and count my many blessings. These parents didn't let the lack of shoes keep them from attending church and partaking of the sacrament, and I thought how many times, as my boys were growing up, would go to their closet to put their dress shoes on and say, "these are too tight...they don't fit me anymore, so I can't go to church."