Friday, May 2, 2014

Family Ties!

We took the Chapin Sisters out to dinner Tuesday night.  Sister Billin is new in Chapin - we hadn't gotten to know her except at church.  I asked her where she's from and she said, "Nevada, but my grandparents live in Clinton."  She already knew we were from North Ogden.  I asked their name, and she told me it was Vaterlaus.  Well, I'd heard that name before!  My sister-in-law Julie's sister married a Vaterlaus!  Sure enough!  Sister Billin is a niece of Scott and Carrie Vaterlaus!  Besides that connection (I love to make connections!), Sister Billin's grandparents worked with my dad in the Ogden Temple!  Small, small church world!  :o)
Sister Wellman and Sister Billin - the Chapin Sisters
Sister Billin is a niece of Carrie Niederhauser Vaterlaus.
Carrie is a sister to my sister-in-law, Julie.  :o)
Sister Billin's grandparents also worked with Dad at the Ogden Temple.

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