Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cinco de Mayo with the Seniors...

We've wanted to have another Senior FHE with the President for a while now - and the time is growing short for President and  Sister Holm.  They will be released from their three year mission the end of June.  We decided to get together at the WAS Sisters' apartment on Monday the 5th of May - Cinco de Mayo.  We all had food assignments and tried to keep with a Mexican theme.  When we got to the Sisters' apartment, it was all decked out with colorful table cloths, flowers for the Sisters' hair and red-ribbon sashes for the Elders.  Sister Barton's and Sister Munson's apartment is beautiful.  They make a wonderful companionship.  Sister Barton has been widowed for about 4 years, I think.  May 5th marked the 1-year-anniversary of Sister Munson's husband's death.  They both had their husbands photos on the kitchen counter - such a sweet memento of their devotion to their eternal companions.

Brother Munson, Sister and Brother Barton

El der Arrington, Presidente Holm, El der Fenton  :o)

Hermanas Arrington, Barlow, Barton, Munsen, Fenton and Holm


Sister Barton knows how to throw a party!

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