Friday, May 2, 2014

Zone Training Meeting - In Person This Time!

Jack and I listened in on a conference call zone training meeting several weeks ago.  We were so impressed by it!  When the zone leaders stopped into the office on Wednesday and encouraged us to come to training meeting on Friday, we decided we really needed to do just that.  We were not disappointed!

Elder Gonzalez conducted the meeting...

President and Sister Holm both spoke via a conference call to all six zones.  Missionaries in Greenville, Greenville East, Florence, Columbia and Charleston listened in.  We in West Columbia got to hear, as well as see them talk.  :o)  I wish I had gotten a pic of Sister Holm as she spoke.  She is SO powerful!

Each district in the West Columbia Zone reported their accountability.

The young missionaries team-taught many principles of missionary work.

Another team of sisters taught about being positive.

Zone leaders also taught us...

We also had some skits - skits with purpose.  Some were funny as heck!

Elder Muir told us of promising an investigator that if she would quit her job so she could attend church, that she would be blessed to get another job that paid twice as much!  After a lot of thought and prayer, she did quit, and the day after she came to church, she got 5 phone calls with job offers that all paid over twice her previous salary.  That was a bold promise to give the woman - but Elder Muir had faith that it would all work out the way he said it would.  Wow!  Don't know if I have faith that strong!

After all the training and skits, we had a closing song and prayer.  I LOVE to sing with the missionaries!  They have so much Spirit!!!

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