Friday, May 2, 2014

Welcome Back Elder Saunders!

Elder Saunders (right) came back to the mission yesterday after 6 week of recovery time at home in Rexburg, ID.

He was working on a service project in Walterboro on March 11, when he was struck by a large tree branch.  He was life-flighted to a hospital in Charleston where he stayed a couple of weeks.  Elder Zwick was here for two Zone Conference Meetings, so he and President went right to the hospital to see Elder Saunders.  Elder Zwick arranged for the missionary's mother to fly out to Charleston the next morning.  

When he was stable, Elder Saunders and his mother flew back to Idaho so he could take it easy for a few weeks.  He was due to go home in July, I think, but Elder Zwick said he could stay a little longer to make up for the time he was gone.  Doctors told Elder Saunders that he could expect to have headaches for the next two years.  He said he hasn't had one since the first week.  And, although he had THREE skull fractures, the only scar he has is on his chest - when his missionary name tag was forced into his body.

Elder Saunders looks great, and he is raring to go!  While he was home, he went out with the missionaries assigned to Rexburg - so he stayed busy in a good way.  Love this valiant young elder!  I am so thankful that prayers are answered and he was permitted not only to live, but to continue to serve in South Carolina!

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