Saturday, April 26, 2014

Baptism Day for Marcus and Maurice! :o)

Here's a pic of my little missionary grandson, Jordan and his two friends, Marcus (l) and Maurice (r).  What a happy day for all three of these wonderful little guys!

Marcus, Jordan and Maurice on Baptism Day!  So wish I could have been there to witness this special day and to feel the Spirit that was there.  Becky said Jordan "rocked it" when he gave his talk on baptism.  She said the Spirit was so strong, and there was not a dry eye in the room.  She's going to email me Jordan's talk - when she does, I'll include it in this post.  
Some may say that these little boys are too young to make a decision like this in their lives.  I say, "Not so!" The young are probably closer to the Spirit than many (or most) adults!  The Spirit is the one who testifies to a person that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and He can testify to anyone who has the desire to learn and know the truth for him or her self.  The Spirit CAN and DOES testify to the young!  John the Baptist leaped in his mother Elizabeth's womb when she heard the voice of her cousin Mary, who was soon to be the mother of  The Son of God!

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