Saturday, April 5, 2014

General Conference

Loved General Conference, as usual!  I look forward to the Semi-Annual General Conference twice a year! It is such a wonderfully uplifting time!  I'm posting about conference on April 25th - 20 days after the Saturday Session.  I've just begun to watch it all over again on my iPad as I do my make-up in the morning. It seems like the more you listen, the more you get out of the talks.  It's kind of like reading the scriptures, I guess.  Each time I read, or listen, I get a little different message.

We didn't get to go to conference this year, of course, because we're serving in South Carolina.  But we did meet at the church for all sessions and watched it with other missionareis and ward and branch members.

One of my darling ESL students, a convert of about 6 years,

Hermana Martinez - love this girl!!!
is serving a mission in the Provo, Utah Mission.  SHE got to go to conference!  She posted this picture on FaceBook.  I loved seeing her there!

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