Friday, March 6, 2015

You can't decorate an iPad!

The Elder and Sisters in this mission have been waiting for iPads since we came her 18 months ago.  I'm sure we'll be gone before they ever get them.  When the iPads finally arrive, I know a lot of missionaries who will miss their planners.  A missionary's planner pretty much contains their life for the time they are serving in the mission field.  Every minute of every day is accounted for from 6:30 in the morning until 10:30 at night and it's all right there - in the planner.

Some of the missionaries like to decorate the planner covers - front and back.  The Sisters are more prone to decorate, but some of the Elders do too.  Some of the Sisters decorate the Elders' planners for them.  :o)

This is one of the Chapin Sisters' planners

This one belongs to her companion

One of the Dutch Fork Elders did his planner in camo with a soldier on the front, 
because on Sundays he is privileged to teach at Fort Jackson.

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