Friday, March 6, 2015

The Brunos hosted a drop-in for us - everyone thought we were going home. :o)

President Bruno asked us early in February if he and his family could host a drop-in for us so that Branch members could stop in to tell us goodbye.  At that time, we didn't have a replacement couple in the radar, but they went ahead with the plan.  It was a cold, cold night when we met, but we had a pretty good sized group of our beautiful Chapin Branch friends there.

President and Sister Bruno and their daughters, Claire and Hannah

Santa, AKA Brother Tom Anderson and us

The beautiful Chapin Sisters, Sister Harvey and Sister Burchard

The Kubics

Sister Duvall - Brother Duvall was in FL at the Daytona 500.  He's a former race car driver.

The Gardners

The two amazing Chapin Elders, Elder Arnoldsen and Elder Wilkins.  Elder Arnoldsen was in the Chapin Branch the first 10 1/2 months!  He's moved on now and is serving in Simpsonville.

Two of our 2014 converts, Larry and Mary Roberts.  They were contacted by the Chapin Elders, taught by Temple Square Sisters and they referred back to Chapin where they were baptized and confirmed.  They are two of our eight strongest members!  We LOVE this beautiful couple!

The Barnes - Forest and Monica.  They lived in Milwaukee when Jeff and Angie were there for med school.  They have twin sons who are Baylee's age.  
They are heavily involved in choir and band at Chapin High and kept us informed of concerts and competitions.  We have LOVE going to their performances!!!!!

Brother and Sister Cash

The Maynards

Sue and Bill Lee - they were baptized a few months before we came our on our mission - probably May of 2013, because we attended their temple sealing last year in May, as I recollect.  Sue is a genealogist and Bill is a woodworker.  We're going to check out his shop before we go home.

Dean and Wanda Jacobs - Dean is in the Branch Presidency and teaches early morning Seminary.

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