Friday, March 6, 2015

Hope the third time's a charm!

We had an 18-year-old convert baptized a year ago in the Chapin Branch.  He is the only member in his family.  His parents, however, have attended Sacrament Meeting with him several times when he came home from Clemson on weekends.  His dad was recently transferred to Indiana with his job, but his mom has continued to attend Sacrament Meeting with him.  Last Sunday, she came on her own!

I found out last night that his father has tried to attend Sacrament Meeting in Indiana for the past two weeks!  The first week, he looked up an address for the church, but was led to an empty lot.  Last Sunday, he actually called during the week and got the correct address for the church, but when he braved the weather and arrived there, meetings had been cancelled due to winter storms.

We are hoping that he perseveres and tries to attend a third time, and we hope that he succeeds!  This is a wonderful family.  I know their son would love to see them be baptized!

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