Sunday, March 29, 2015

Home Teacher/Visiting Teacher to the WAS Sisters

When Sister Barton and Sister Munson came to the mission a year ago, President Holm assigned Jack and me to visit them once a month and give them the Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching messages.  As part of our calling, we were also to look after them and assist them as needed.  These two sisters are amazing!  They probably worked, physically worked, twice as hard as any of us in the office!  They drove into woods searching for lost Sisters, they encountered some that were not happy to see them, and they taught and ministered to many, many of Jesus' lost sheep.  Over the past year, they prepared women to go to the temple and receive their endowments and have gone to the temple with them when they did proxy baptisms for deceased family members.What beautiful women these two are!!!

Jack and me with Sister Barton and Sister Munson

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